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Joyce Furness Art Scapes

604 485 4029

After my years at the Ontario College of Art in the 60’s, being
co-curator of the Sarnia Art Gallery, raising a family and painting when possible, I am now doing what I love best, which is painting. Working with acrylics and watercolours I attempt to capture the beauty of Powell River and beyond. What a find this little piece of paradise has been. Everywhere you look there is something to inspire. Who needs a muse? The whole area is a muse!

With watercolours I primarily record the landscape and seascape of the upper Sunshine Coast, but with acrylics, I prefer to experiment more with glazes and textures and other forms of creative painting. After many years of being awed by the local landscape, I have finally started experimenting with abstractions of the area and am enjoying the more random creativity.